The company B.T.V.C., Office for Ventilation and Airconditioning, is specialised in ventilation, airconditioning and filtration, and more particularly in plastic materials, i.e.  P.V.C., polyethylene, polypropylene and P.P.S.

Founded in 1968, the company is fully equipped with modern machinery, such as folding and welding machines specifically designed for executing the above works.

We can carry out all type of work (studies, manufacturing and assembling) based on a large range of possibilities of which you will find a non exhaustive list hereafter.

We would like to draw your attention on following manufacturing programmes:

  • Special PVC grilles, equipped with full blades and hence completely disinfectable  (B.T.V.C. patented grilles)
  • Plastic casings, air ducts
  • Tanks and containers in plastic material
  • The lining of ground and walls in plastic material
  • Hoods and sorbones, the air extraction of laboratory products, as well as the air extractors are in plastic
  • The manufacture of attachments such as silencers, air rejectors, non-returns, registers etc... .

Our possibilities are endless and you will find without any doubt other applications suited to your daily needs.

B.T.V.C. S.A.
Talstrasse 2 b
4701 Kettenis
Tel. 087 593990