For more than 25 years we have been specialised in the study, manufacturing and the assembling of ventilmation and airconditioning installations.

This implies the manufacturing of round and rectangulare ducts and acessories.

- Galvanised iron
- Aluminium
- Inox
- Synthetic material


Rectangular ducts

Can be made to measure. Standart execution withe assembly frames of 20-30 mm,including perforated fastening corners allowing assembling through bolts and nuts. We advise the use of a preipheric airtightness joint between two assembly sections in order to obtain a perfect airtightness.

We also manufacture reductons, transformers, elbows, roubd of rectangular, etc.

Round ducts

Round ducts can also be executed as stated above. We also manufactur ducts and accessories with smoot inner surface, particulaly suited,for transport of wood chipsz, dusty air or abrasives.

Our company respects existing standarts.

The structure of our company enables us to carry out studies and calculations to comply with tender specifications.

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